Leading an Effective Intern Prep Course (IPC)

About the Curriculum

What is RAE?

This Resident as Educator (RAE) curriculum is designed to build the skills necessary for you to develop and execute an effective and engaging classroom or simulation based teaching session in the fourth-year Internship Preparation Course at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health.

Key teaching skills will be reviewed on this website and in large group discussions. You will receive personalized feedback from peers and a faculty educator on your session in the months leading up to the Internship Preparation Course.

Why participate?

In short, to become a more effective educator. Over the course of the resident-as-educator curriculum, you will discuss and practice key educator skills with your peers and a faculty educator. Some of the skills covered in the curriculum include:

As you progress through your residency, you will continue to build on your classroom educator skills by incorporating feedback, challenging yourself to teach with different activities, and learning more about classroom management.  Senior resident educators will take on a mentorship role for junior educators within the resident-as-educator curriculum.

You will receive personalized feedback on the development and execution of a classroom or simulation based teaching session in the Internship Preparation Course for fourth-year medical students at the University of Wisconsin.  This personalized feedback will allow you to target your professional development as an educator.

Since the resident-as-educator curriculum was implemented in 2014, several key benefits have been realized. First, medical students in the Internship Preparation Course appreciate having residents as instructors. Closer to internship than faculty, resident educators provide a recent perspective on the challenges that confront interns. Second, resident educators are satisfied with the resident-as-educator curriculum and self-assessment of teaching skills has improved.

The resident-as-educator (RAE) curriculum is a structured professional development opportunity for resident physicians interested in enhancing their skills in medical education.


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What is expected of me?

  1. The resident-as-educator curriculum is designed to begin 5-7 months before the internship preparation course [see Timeline], which is scheduled for late April. At the time of recruitment, you will work with lead residents and a faculty mentor to determine which teaching session you will develop over the course of the curriculum.
  2. There are two in-person meetings during which you will participate in discussion and practice activities to model the educator skills being covered. Between sessions, you will develop your teaching session in a scaffolded manner, submitting your progress for feedback from your peer and faculty mentors on predefined tasks.
  3. You will be paired with a peer for a mock teaching session, meant to provide feedback to refine your content and delivery prior to the Internship Preparation Course.
  4. During the Internship Preparation Course, you will be directly observed by a faculty mentor who will provide you with personalized feedback on your teaching session. You will be asked to be explicit how you incorporated peer and faculty feedback in teaching session revisions.

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