Leading an Effective Intern Prep Course (IPC)


Diagram emphasizing the importance of incorporating feedback into revisions. Following RAE session 1 you will draft objectives and an outline. Following session 2 you will receive peer feedback and later email goals for your session, all leading up to the Student IPC, after which you will receive additional feedback for future goal setting

The resident-as-educator (RAE) curriculum activities begin four to five months before the Internship Preparation Course (IPC), which is held in April. Prior to the first in-person session, you will be in contact with your faculty and resident mentors to decide on the topic you will be teaching. 

The first in-person session lasts one hour and focuses on logistics of RAE and the IPC and foundational teaching skills. After session one you will begin development of course materials and receive individualized feedback from your faculty and resident mentors. Following the second in-person session, you will finalize your course materials, perform a dry run of your session with a peer, and communicate with your faculty mentor regarding your individual goals for your teaching session.

During the IPC, your teaching session with be observed directly or asynchronously via video and feedback will be provided by your faculty mentor. You will also receive student evaluation data after the IPC is complete. You will be asked to incorporate the faculty and student feedback into future revisions of your teaching session.


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